These Truths Are Self-Evident

IF they are allowed to do this to ONE of us
They have the POWER to do this to us ALL.
The problem is systemic… and it must CHANGE.






















































All of this… and it’s only a snippet. A snapshot.

So many thousands more, but only a handful of these: 



IF they are allowed to do this to ONE of us, then we give them the POWER to do this to us ALL. 

Trends change. Things happen. TIME marches on. 

Where will it go from HERE… 

The problem is systemic… and it must CHANGE. 



Come into the Light and Speak

Silence is the tool of the ‘bad actor’. Silence plants the seed of doubt among those of common ground. Silence sets the stage for an agenda of fear and hate. Silence leads to suspicion and creates the illusion of trust.

“Speak now or forever hold your peace.” Silence condemns people to servitude.┬áSilence breeds corruption… No questions asked! Silence can break a heart, and no one would ever know.

Silence in the face of a bad actor leads to the downfall of Kings. Silence due to inaction sows regret and self doubt. Silence suggests support where there is none. Silence creates support where normally it would not have been.

If you are quiet, you’ll hear the silence is deafening. And the loudest among us usually has the least to say. Evil triumphs when good men are silent. And good men who stay silent are truly on the side of evil men.

In the light, that is where the Bad Actor shines brightest!

Keep your head UP!!


The “Tipping Point”

THIS is the sound… that has held a thousand people down and kicked a person at their lowest. The person who stole your lunch money, the person who forced you to do it, the person who says ‘Toots’ or ‘Broad’, just sos you know ‘your place’.

THIS is the sound that WE hear, when SILENCE is ACCEPTABLE.

SILENCE is NEVER acceptable. Because good people CANNOT hear you and try to make things RIGHT. And that’s how they win- because it is a ‘game of inches’. Numbers, “one here and one there…”, “those we can afford to lose, but the others will come to vote in DROVES!!” Drooling over votes and horse trading the numbers all the way to the BANK. If it’s voting in elections or sitting at a table in school. The minority have control over those they can control through fear, intimidation, and SILENCE.

And now we can HEAR that sound, and we can start to UNDERSTAND whom this is done UPON… better.

Empathy. Because Good People do not understand that it is possible for this shit to happen. And it DOES HAPPEN everyday. We must make a change, “not just for myself, but for others as well.”

The idea of a “Tipping Point” has been reached. Once %10 of the People know an idea or thought to be true, the next %90 of people will gain that knowledge within a fraction of the time it took %10 to get there. This sound is CLARITY. This sound is HORRIFYING. And this sound MUST END. Everyone must HEAR this sound.

keep your head up.


Disconjoined Morals and Ramblings (pt. 1)

Today I saw a man standing on the corner of Parallel and 64th. Long hair, leathery skin, wide brimmed hat. Unlit cig in one hand, both hands shaking. Not sure if he was singing along with music or just talking loudly, alone by the traffic light. 6 cars were stopped at that light for a couple minutes. I wondered what all the other people were thinking. After a few seconds, I realized ‘There, but for the grace of god, go I…’

George Carlin once said “… the poor are there just to scare the shit outta the Middle Class.” There’s a NEW villain in town. Not foreigners, not gov’t intrusion-

An 8.5″ X 11″ neon green/yellow piece of paper.

When a neighbor’s house suddenly becomes empty. Then the yard doesn’t get mowed. Then a few more weeks pass. One day in the front window, CLEARLY visible as you drive your KIDS TO SCHOOL everyday, a notice of foreclosure on a neon green/yellow piece of paper. I remember them pop up everywhere in 2010-2012. How many families were shattered by that? As they creep today, I wonder who’s next.

The situation between Stormy Daniels and Donald Trump is a GREAT metaphor for how my generation has been treated by people of Mr. Trump’s generation… Screwed us over, roughed us up a little, threw some pity money at us, then walked away. Respect your elders. Elders who act RESPECTFUL shall earn mine.

Propaganda has an interesting effect on people. It makes some FORGET the facts, and others (the one’s who remember the facts) get MAD at the people who FORGOT the facts. GOOD people do GOOD things even when no one is looking.

As the climate changes, and it doesn’t go the way scientific forecasts have predicted, what will YOU do? What should Our government be doing? Why aren’t we doing more…

We have the liberty to choose the course. It is not set in stone. When we look at all the different approaches to shaping our government and making ourselves a better society, we can make the choice. All of the texts speak of the battle between good and evil, light vs. darkness, the weak vs. the powerful. The moral is always the same- good will prevail in the end. Light conquers darkness. And at some point, we must ask ourselves “Good… or evil?” Where do YOU stand?

Where DO you stand? We should ask that more often. Come together in the light. Speak freely. That’s the ONLY way this works. KNOWLEDGE will keep us ALL free.

Keep your head UP!!



Censorship, The President, and the Porn Star

Um… how old are we?!!

Are we really going to talk about…

…. Look, this is making me uncomfortable.

I don’t even wanna THINK about him and…


Seriously? THIS is how we respond to a situation like this? NO WONDER people are all on-board with secretive contracts and hush money! “But he said the P-word.” No shit?? Wow. A racist old fart said the p-word.

I watch a morning talk show program called “Coffee Joe and the Brew Crew”, I’m not sure if anyone else sees it, but one of the regulars, Donny Deutsch, asked host Mika Brzezinski about sexual abuse in the work place. “Where do we draw the line? Can co-workers still go out for dinner and drinks in a work setting? etc…” and the questioning was, at first, met with anger.

We should ALWAYS hear accusations IMPARTIALLY. EVEREYONE has a right to be HEARD. FEAR and INTIMIDATION should not silence anyone. Ever. And Donny’s point brought me to a couple realizations.


Because of the silence, on all sides for all the various reasons, most people… being a male I will refer to the male descriptors in this, only because I am one… most men are not aware the EXTENT of sexual abuse and sexual manipulation that occurs daily. As I have become aware of it, I realize MANY things I believed were good-hearted or crude humor, were giving COVER to SEXUAL PREDATORS. Giving cover to acts that, if I had been aware of them, I would have pushed to get LAW ENFORCEMENT involved.

When I realized this, I stopped and asked myself “What have I done? Have I done SOMETHING? Who have I hurt?”

No one is perfect. Some of us, when we look back 20 or 30 years, we were kids! Silence has led to misunderstanding and damaged souls countless times. I hope that just the ACT of asking this question, and discussing it with someone you care about, shows where your heart is, and helps answer that question. And those discussions WILL involve topics that will bring me to the next point…


The law is written to present a CLEAR DEFINITION of what is LEAGAL and what is NOT. When you feel the law has been broken, you should be heard OPENLY and HONESTLY and EVERYONE should PROTECT AND SUPPORT that right. Those who OPPOSE THIS are aiding in a CRIME punishable BY LAW. Equal justice UNDER LAW. And acting as if we are a bunch of elementary school children will NOT SOLVE THIS ISSUE! If we are to open up this horrid, stagnant, backwater to start fresh, level, and anew… It WILL involve talking about subjects that are NOT what we have been led to believe. They are NOT taboo and off-limits… WE ARE ALL EFFECTED BY THEM.

My kids’ favorite book for a while was titled “EVERYONE POOPS”, and yes, it is a work of PURE FICTION! I know only HALF the population seems to do it, for some reason… If it were true, I would seriously, need to SHAVE MY PALMS or get a seeing eye dog. Because you know what they say about guys with BIG FEET, right…. HUGE SHOES. And this one time, The President of the United States had sex with a CRITICALLY ACCLAIMED ACTRESS, DIRECTOR, AND SCREENWRITER.

BUT, because we can’t say ‘porn’ without someone cracking a smile on NATIONAL TV, we will never get to the part where the AWARD WINNING DIRECTOR and SCREENWRITER, who is an INDUCTEE IN THE HALL OF FAME, is being silenced by a BULLY and ABUSER. A CHEATER and a LIAR. A man who said he could shoot someone dead and still get elected.

To finally put to rest the issue of INEQUALITY in our society, we are going to have to have some DISTURBING conversations. We are going to have to look at things we might find off-color, or blue, maybe even something that hits a bit too close to home. But UNDERSTANDING comes from COMPASSION. The simple act of LISTENING will heal more that you know. Because it is a start. It opens the minds of people who DIDN’T EVEN KNOW they were missing something. Because if something HURTFUL is happening and I can do something to help, I wanna know.

And I am not the only person who feels that way. EVERYONE should know that, too.

Keep your head UP!!