… Of the PEOPLE.

What should our government LOOK like?

What do we want our government to BE?

After 232 years, this “experiment” in democracy has proved to be a SUCCESS! NOT because of an INDIVIDUAL ruler. NOT because of a succession of monarchs passing the right to rule down to their descendants.

232 years ago, the question had never been answered:

“CAN mankind rule itself justly and in PEACE?”

No nation had dared attempt it. Many believed mankind could not rise above its basest instincts, and any nation that would allow THE PEOPLE the ability to decide their leader by DIRECT VOTE, would end in MOB RULE.

Though not initially conceived to be, through the BALLOT and AMENDMENT process we have steered this Ship of State more closely toward that end. We have recognized that JUSTICE is realized when EVERYONE PARTICIPATES. Our COMMON GOOD is ensured when the VOICE of the people is ensured.

When we GUARANTEE ACCESS to the ballot for ALL CITIZENS of this nation, EVERY issue will gain CLARITY. The solutions to our nation’s problems will be REALIZED once THE PEOPLE have UNIVERSAL ACCESS to the ballot.


-100% Tax payer FUNDED Federal Elections



Provided FREE OF CHARGE as a SERVICE to voters, to SECURE the voice of the PEOPLE…



Remove the CORRUPTION. Restore HONOR in governance.

End The Electoral College.




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