…just another Tuesday in Kansas.

Kansas, the only place on Earth where one can experience ALL FOUR SEASONS before noon. Yesterday we had temps pushing 60 with rain, now we have 30+ mph sustained winds, snow, sunshine, dark clouds, sleet, and temps just above freezing… AND the tornado sirens sounded about 45 minuets ago. Of course, it was probably a test, as they only went through one cycle, still. It makes one look to make sure the path is clear to the basement!

It is a unique life here in Kansas. Everyone of us is a meteorologist. We have to be. It is LIFE OR DEATH when you live where the twisters live. 24/7/365. There is not a month in the year we can rest at ease. When there is snow on the ground, we tend to forget. Honestly, it shouldn’t happen when the temps are below 60. But no one doubts, at any point in there day, that the sky could open up and remove you from the map. It is bizarre, I know! But it is a fact of life.

People from the Great State of Kansas are hardened more so than a lot of people. Maybe not as tough as people from the Great State of Alaska. (I mean…Barrow. Those people are INSANE!) But, in a way, more so than people of Alaska. Kansas is one of the only place on Earth where temps commonly range between 120 degrees F and -30 degrees F. EVERY type of weather can happen and does happen here. Often, ALL in one day.

The stories of people who have lived a lifetime on the prairie can speak to the changes we see in the weather today. The winters used to be colder and snowier. The rain patterns were more reliably west-to-east. The only time west moving systems would pass through were remnants of a tropical system. It is still odd to see, but more common. Non tropical storm systems moving east-to-west happen yearly. It is heartbreaking to see farmers lose everything due to the wicked ways of the weather. Some years due to drought. Some years, the crops die in the fields due to constant rain, making fields impassable for multi-ton farm equipment. Then, add the pressure of feeding THE ENTIRE WORLD… and your family…

Just random weather thoughts. The Lion surely Roars this March morning here in The Free State.

Keep your head UP!!

YouTube video uploaded

I think it turned out VERY well. I hope you agree.

Busy morning! Kids made it to school, three stores to hit today. Grocery getter extraordinaire! And its raining, so traffic sucks. Mondays are fun.

I’m going to attempt a daily post here and, hopefully soon, start a livestream each day on I need to assess my livestreaming tools to see what I can or cannot do. I don’t have much cash available for cameras and mics, so I’ll see how this laptop camera looks. BUT, that will be another day.

Be sure to check out my GoFundMe and Patreon. I’ll keep going if there’s an appetite for an independent, funded by THE PEOPLE, to change the ELECTION SYSTEM. That’s the question, how to pay for this. I’m a stay-at-home-father of two with a wife who is a PICU nurse. (Pediatric Intensive Care Unit… actually CRRT nurse. She specializes in hearts and circulatory… but anyway) I am pretty much doing this on my own as a SECOND JOB.

A second job that I don’t want right now. Don’t have the funding for. Will, in essence, be DOING FOR FREE. Will have a 1:1,000,000 chance of success. And will be the most EMOTIONALLY AND PHYSICALLY trying thing I’ve ever done. In 2016 I was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes. I’ve been learning how to diabetes for a couple years now, and for the last 365 days I’ve been successful at not dying! Last year in March I caught an atypical pneumonia, my blood sugar was over 500 and was in the hospital for three days.

It was the best thing that could have happened to me. Seriously. It got me to focus for three days on what I needed to do. Scary, yes. The family was scared, too. Pneumonia sounds horrible! No fun at all.

But, just another reason to change this country for the better. Having a terminal illness sharpens the mind, forces one to ensure priorities are in order. I’m only 39, but I know how I will likely die- “complications due to T1 diabetes”.

…that or “random bus”. Details. whatever.

Keep your head UP!!

Facebook issues, YT vid update

TGIF, yo! I am working to re-activate my Facebook page that was deactivated two days ago. Made lunches, dropped boy one @ school. Grabbed boy two, made it to doctor’s apt, shuttled to school BEFORE lunchtime (oh yeah, go me, go me…) and so half my day is gone. Luckily on Friday the boys have chess club, so I get and extra hour. It’s like a weekly daylight savings. Usually goes to cleaning a random something that suddenly needs it.

FB is really weird, though. Though I haven’t officially announced a specific campaign, an “exploratory committee”, if you will, I don’t see how that could have led to my page being shut down. Politicians use FB everyday, right? Hmmm…. I haven’t wanted a FB page. Ever. I was reluctant now, but that call is not up to me. I kinda HAVE to have one. In order to have a chance at even having a chance… the chips I put in my kids luches everyday have a Facebook page! If a politician doesn’t have one, then he is ‘not cool’ with the 35+ year old people who still claim they are 29 and relevant in popular culture. So…

YouTube video is written, images collected, I’ll start either later today or tomorrow shooting. If all goes well, drop it Sunday night. I’m nervious. “The Hastert Rule” seems to have been… um, bottlenecked… would be the polite way of stating it. It is understandable. Though not a wild crazy work of fantasy, the piece does deal with topics that are similar in nature to the ones being censored. I fear it may be caught up in the same net.

So all my hopes ride on my main plank video, the answer to the problems, the focus- End the Electoral College. So, its ‘put up or shut up’ cliché time. I’m hoping I can present an entertaining, motivating, memorable political science video.

…what could possibly go wrong?