One More Year…

Today marks one more year since the bloody events of Charlottesville.

Everyone already knows this. I’m not gonna be able to provide some kind of keen insight or deeply inspirational speech about the evils of White Supremacy, nothing more than what others have said before. Again, and again, and again….

Anyone who has followed this campaign knows where I STAND-


Racism has no place in The White House.


White Supremacy has no place in an evolved society.


… and everyone knows where Donald J. Trump STANDS.

So I’ve spent the day soul-searching, contemplating what has transpired since 2016, since January 2017, since Helsinki, since Charlottesville… and instead of politicizing and waving my hands above my head to calling attention to the obvious, I’ve been working to make it right. FOCUSING my attention on the PROBLEM.

Hoping to HONOR those we have lost by ensuring it will not be allowed to continue, and that it can NEVER happen again.


Her name is Heather Heyer, and she died protesting BIGOTRY. May she rest in peace.







Author: jackcharbonneau

Husband, father, housewife, musician, theoretical astrophysicist, (FMR) Presidential Candidate in 2020, and all-around human guy.

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