Luke 23:34

Most people I know have been in jail at least once. Processed, printed, held for a few hours, and released on bail. Speeding tickets, child support, lapsed insurance and ID, sometimes worse. Drugs, DUI, a lapse in judgement, a flash of rage.

Most people experience the justice system and say “Once is enough for me!” and that is the extent of it. The expense of the offense is often felt longer than the hours lost incarcerated. The worst charge I have ever had to face cost my family thousands of dollars to defend. I was charged with accessory to aggravated burglary and had to defend myself against the charge for over a year. The lawyer actually told me I should plead guilty and I could get probation… OH GOOD! That sounds like a fair deal for a crime I did not commit!

In the end, the charge was dropped when the case against my friend was reduced to trespassing. Accessory to trespassing is not a crime. From the moment I was arrested, until the moment the judge said “Case dismissed”, I was treated as guilty by everyone involved. The system was set up to offer me an off-ramp at every turn, “Just plead guilty to THIS or THIS and we can…”

But I knew I was not. I knew the system would see that in the end. The system was encouraging me to lie.

THAT is the justice system I’m familiar with. That is the justice system Trayvon Martin knew. That is the justice system Eric Garner knew. How much evidence was necessary to make THAT judgement? How many witnesses…

I’ve found it difficult NOT to frame everything in life lately with the eyes of a President. Simple discussions will lead my mind down rabbit holes of thought most people in my life never consider… sometimes they lead to dark places.

As I consider the possibility of running a successful campaign, and all of the responsibility that would be entrusted to me, how am I to judge the actions of the Senate Majority Leader? Is he intentionally ignorant to the suffering he is allowing? Or is he TRULY ignorant and believes he is doing good? Just recently a woman was sent to prison for not telling her daughter she had Type One Diabetes, withholding lifesaving medication, leading to her child’s death.

How am I supposed to see ALL THIS? How SHOULD I…

In LESS THAN TWO YEARS, the leadership of this nation will CHANGE. New leaders will mean a return to Law Enforcement. A return to “business as usual”… a resurgence in Justice.

… just a reminder to all those involved. The eyes of THE WORLD are upon you.


Author: jackcharbonneau

Husband, father, housewife, musician, theoretical astrophysicist, (FMR) Presidential Candidate in 2020, and all-around human guy.

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