Morning rush hour. Kansas City. I-70… BOOM! Hits my wife and DRIVES AWAY. She’s fine! Jess said the other car looked worse and she THINKS she saw steam coming from under their hood. Our poor lil electric car…😕

But just like that we’re down to one vehicle. Now I get to be the family Uber driver! Of course… if it’s not ONE thing, it’s ALWAYS another, right? If it were EASY, everyone would be doing it!

Until the car comes back… parts, shipping, ins. co. paperwork, etc, about two weeks… I will be focusing most of my time on my primary occupation- gopher. Taxi driver. School bus operator and utility man… you know, housewife! I will be watching and continuing to do what I can when I can. I have a couple pieces I am working on to post here on the site, but I will be Tweeting less. The extra hours behind the wheel won’t leave me much time to FOCUS and actually say SOMETHING when I Tweet, and doing it without typos and gibberish takes effort. I guess the “Twitter Experts” can make it look flawless because they’ve spent so much time practicing.

Its just another reminder of why I’m doing this. All it takes is ONE mistake. An event I have NO control over, and we are one step away from going over the edge. Many families like mine, with no significant savings or family who can assist, someone runs a red light and you have no transportation. Then you can’t get to work…

I’ve been seeing more of the neon green foreclosure notices around town. It’s a REAL feeling, like a pair of eyes on you. To work so hard, and put so much into a home. Then lose it all due to circumstances beyond your control…

I gain comfort from the idea that I have, within my reach, the ability to DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT. Not a wish, or a desire to… it is quite amazing to see something wrong in the world around you, and realize “I could CHANGE that.” A homeless Vet begging for change. A foreclosure sign in the window of the house where there used to be a family with kids. Someone being turned away without their prescription being filled because insurance won’t cover the $1000 cost.

Yeah… I’m not closing shop. I’m fighting for the MAJORITY. I can’t backdown because of a fender bender. Just shifting focus for a while.

I’ll still be around, hell or high water… thanks to climate change, I’m expecting both.

Keep your head UP!!