Time to Take Your Medicine

—Martin Luther King, Jr.

A War on Voting Rights.

A War on Women.

A War on Reproductive Rights.

A Digital War, a Cyber War…

A War on Democracy itself. 


War is expensive. War destroys LIVES. War may attempt to secure access to LAND, but this is the 21st Century. Unless we’re talking about Antarctica… just about every piece of land has been spoken for, and it’s been that way for quite a while.

War is the enemy of a Civil People. War is the enemy of a Prosperous Nation.

The People of the United States do not seek war, but that should not be seen as a statement of cowardice. We will fight to secure PEACE. Whatever the cost.

Twenty years of aggression has left its mark on this Nation. We are not the same as we once were. Let us bear our SCARS… the scars that we’ve given to ourselves. Let them STAND as Our Testimony, so that others might see them and learn from our example.

A smoking gun. A mushroom cloud. Yellowcake Uranium and Mobile Processing Sites… all LIES. A fabrication. Created to justify that which they could NOT. What happens when we go to War for a LIE?

Twenty years later those leaders are NO LONGER our leaders… war is detrimental to the future of anyone who wishes to secure influence or power.




Boldness, in the face of hatred and oppression will secure our future… INACTION will not. The victors will always be standing on the side of PEACE.

Defend, but do not advance. Secure, but do not attack. We know for what it is that we stand… do they? If they do not, then let there be NO DOUBT. Whatever the outcome, whatever the cost… we will stand for PEACE. We will stand in defense of those who would also stand for PEACE.

The American People will defend PEACE… because we cannot stomach the cost of WAR.




Maybe it’s time for us to take our medicine.



War is anathema to everything this Nation desires. It doesn’t secure wealth. It doesn’t secure life. It doesn’t secure status or stature either… as we revere those who ended our wars more so, than those who started them.

We curse the war and celebrate the PEACE that follows, because everyday we continue to fight is another day stolen from our future. Another day we could be rebuilding, but instead… we continue to destroy. And we know we do not stand alone.

War breeds distrust. War breeds resentment and anger. War is the mother of Vengeance, fathered by Misery and Greed. Burdens shouldered, by those who had nothing to do with starting the endeavor… they pick up the broken pieces of what’s left, long after those who gave the orders have surrendered.

War will not solve the problems of the PAST; war only creates new problems.

May our future endeavors always be JUST, and may we never again fight a war for Vengeance… as a method that seeks to correct mistakes of the past. Instead of responding to anger with anger, let us first ask WHY

Those mistakes… those actions… they were not OURS. Our Forefathers, our predecessors… we live with their mistakes. With their guidance, may their past inform us TODAY. 

Let us HONOR their memory, by ensuring we don’t make the same mistakes.




Author: jackcharbonneau

Husband, father, housewife, musician, theoretical astrophysicist, (FMR) Presidential Candidate in 2020, and all-around human guy.

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