These Truths Are Self-Evident

IF they are allowed to do this to ONE of us
They have the POWER to do this to us ALL.
The problem is systemic… and it must CHANGE.






















































All of this… and it’s only a snippet. A snapshot.

So many thousands more, but only a handful of these: 



IF they are allowed to do this to ONE of us, then we give them the POWER to do this to us ALL. 

Trends change. Things happen. TIME marches on. 

Where will it go from HERE… 

The problem is systemic… and it must CHANGE. 



Same as it Ever Was




Eight million unemployed people in the United States of America and eleven million unfilled jobs… sounds like there’s an imbalance. It sounds like there’s a disconnect. Senator Manchin says that’s the reason we should take a strategic PAUSE on infrastructure spending… in the middle of an ongoing PANDEMIC. 

600,000 of our fellow Countrymen are dead, and our Elected Officials BOUGHT THE DIP. 








Eight million unemployed… can you imagine? With so many employers desperate for help, why are so many people not working? Why would someone choose to STAY HOME? 







What, don’t they know it’s time to get back to WORK? They had a year off from work… according to Senator Manchin, you should be looking for a JOB if you want assistance. Childhood poverty has been SLASHED, the vaccine is here… if you’re not doing what HE believes you should be doing, then why would he want you to have any HELP? 


HE’S not worried about being evicted. 
HE’S not worried about his CHILD dying of COVID-19. 
HE’S not worried about someone with an underlying condition in his home contracting a deadly virus. 

HIS family’s got it all figured out… why can’t YOURS?








People still need groceries. People still need GAS. The economy doesn’t grow itself you know… [CLUTCHES PEARLS] … you wouldn’t want us giving away FREE MONEY to a bunch of FREE LOADERS now would ya?












If I can’t explain it to people back home then I can’t support it.” 

… right.








I watched these two interviews recently and… I don’t know, I can’t tell them apart. Who’s the Democrat here and who’s the Republican? Who’s going to further the agenda the American People voted for… who is NOT?






They’re BOTH saying the SAME THING… the American People need to help themselves, because the United States Senate will NOT.

INACTION. STATUS QUO. There is no sense of urgency in the Senate. They’re just fine with the way things are going right now… 









(At 1:47 in the video) ”They knew… and they didn’t tell you.”




Yes. The former Senator from the Great State of California is correct. They didn’t tell us… and they knew what was coming in NOVEMBER 2019.








Right now in the Great State of Missouri, an innocent man sits in jail for a crime he did not commit; while protesters charged with crimes on January 6th WALK FREE… allowed to vacation in Mexico while awaiting trial. 

Women in the country’s 2nd most populous State have had their RIGHTS taken from them, subjecting them to the dictates of a bunch of old white MEN… 








50.4% of Texans are FEMALE… Women are the MAJORITY. 








It’d be funny if it weren’t so damn sad… and someone needs to point out the obvious from time to time, so we can figure out what’s WRONG. Legislators legislate based on MONEY and the pursuit thereof. They listen to their DONORS and not their VOTERS. Therefore legislation favors those with money over those without…


… and that’s the way it will be until we make it CHANGE. 




Beware the Company You Keep





This is not a time for cowardice. This is not a time for the faint of heart. DEMOCRACY and our interpretation of what it means, is on the line. Two-hundred-and-forty years are at stake… and the fate of the next 240 may soon be determined.

This is a moment that calls for THOUGHT. This is a moment that calls for REASON… two things that disappear when our emotions take control. Our right to STAND UP and SPEAK OUT isn’t unique in this world, but it is fleeting. Hong Kong comes to mind… Belarus as well. Steps taken backwards. Liberty taken away.

Where once there was FREEDOM, state-sponsored SILENCE remains… and for what reason. At who’s direction… at who’s EXPENSE. Because if it’s REVOLUTION we’re talking about here, then we must be CLEAR. Every one of us must understand what that entails… exactly what that means.












This Nation helps DEFINE the word Revolution. THIS Nation. The United States of America. Where it is our RIGHT to decide our FATE.

Revolution is violent. Bloodless coups do not exist. In battle AND upon the streets, when nations engage in war, civilians on BOTH sides die… as those who STARTED the war suffer no consequence.

When the fighting is INTERNAL, when the ever-consuming fires turn brother against brother… there is no hiding from that. There is no safety on our streets. No matter what side is victorious, there are no winners in a civil war… this Nation still bears the SCARS of that.

We even have the deeds of our OWN ACTIONS. What has our meddling in the affairs of other nations produced? In how many countries have we tipped the scales? How many times have we paid the price… because of our own ego.

By our hands, with our consent. At the ballot box… Elected Officials, BEHOLDEN to the DOLLAR. Don’t forget! If you are outraged AT our elected officials, or enraged BY our elected officials, that’s exactly what they want. 

If you’re not mad… they can’t FUNDRAISE. 


… at OUR expense.







Who in the hell would take up ARMS at the direction of a POLITICIAN? Have they earned even a modicum of TRUST in that regard… 


‘We’ll be greeted as liberators.’

‘Wanted dead or alive.’

‘This would have happened if we left 10 years ago or 10 years from now.’

‘We’re gonna walk down to the Capitol, and I’m going with you.’ 



To those who would say NOW is the time for Revolution, I would say I can sympathize. I can understand that desire… I voted for Al Gore. I voted against the agenda carried out for 8 years. But I believe in the Constitution, and I believe in the Will of the American People, whenever they are fully informed. 

Right now NONE of us are fully informed… and it’s by design. Now, it’s effecting our CHILDREN as well. 









None of us… LEFT or RIGHT… is being told the full story. 






But we all know what the problem IS









Let us invoke HUMILITY before we resort to violence. Let us employ KNOWLEDGE before we submit ourselves to the OPINIONS of others. We must admit there is a problem before we begin to solve it.



How deeply do you hold your convictions? For what is it that you fight… why must we even fight when we know our elected officials should be SOLVING this problem.









We all know what the problem is… MONEY allows it to continue. 

The MAJORITY stands opposed. 
The MAJORITY stands United.






Let us address the reason it continues and not give in to our base instincts. This is not a Democrat issue. This is not a Republican issue. This is a TRANSPARENCY issue… not a call for revolution. This is a call for CLARITY. 

Who among us isn’t angry? Who among us isn’t ready to cry REBELLION? The “Revolution” isn’t going to be fought on a battlefield… it’s going to be fought in the arena of OPEN DEBATE. Because in that battle, we can LOSE without falling BACK. Everyone goes HOME after the rhetorical shots are fired, and we can look forward to the next engagement.

The MAJORITY of this Nation stands for what is RIGHT. Those who call for violence to solve a POLITICAL ISSUE… do not. 



Cause and Effect

I held on to HOPE that day after the Towers fell, that someone might still be alive… and truly, the hands of Divinity reached out and delivered.


The story of their survival is amazing. As we witnessed tragedy playing out before us, at such a pivotal moment in TIME… someone made it out ALIVE. I remember asking anyone with news if anyone else had made it out… there would be time for anger and Justice another day… the Human Need in that moment was like a mental anchor, keeping me from drifting too far downstream.

Is there anything I could be doing to help save a LIFE?

It was soon apparent, as emergency triage centers filled with doctors and nurses… there were no patients. There were no casualties. The destruction was total. We would soon be honoring memories.

(At 5:40 in the video) “The building collapsed to dust.” -Joe Casaliggi

Though we live one thousand miles away with no physical connection to any of those SOULS, every one of us here in the Great State of Kansas knew what we were witnessing. Every one of us knew what this meant. My girlfriend at the time… my ‘high school sweetheart’… was an MP in the United States Army. She shipped out shortly after 9/11. We knew the uncertainty that lie ahead, and we parted ways as good friends.

It’s been twenty years since I last saw her. She served, got married, started a family… as we all do. twenty years…

In that moment, our reactions were almost instinctual. We knew War had come. Whatever sacrifices were to be asked of us… whatever it was we could do to HONOR those families and ensure this could NEVER happen again… the fight was JUST. The objective was CLEAR.

And then we INVADED IRAQ.

Our President LIED to us about yellowcake uranium. Our Secretary of State LIED to the United Nations about Mobile Processing Sites. Our Secretary of Defense LIED about how we would be greeted by the Iraqi People… and all but a notable FEW of our Elected Officials SUPPORTED those lies. Knowingly.

EVIDENCE, gathered after the fact. The outing of an undercover Intelligence Officer. In order to cover up their LIES… and they thumbed their noses as they held their heads HIGH. Hypocrisy… on full display! And to think, some people even had the nerve to claim, that Our President knew about the attacks in advance

But that’s just crazy-talk right there.



“Bin Laden Determined to Strike in US”

Maybe that sentence would have had a greater IMPACT on someone like Al Gore, than it obviously did on George W. Bush.



Conspiracy Theories exist. It does us no good to remain ignorant to their claims. The fanciful, the distraught, the horribly misinformed, the self-serving and the ideologically driven. All of them, sprinkled with verifiably provable facts. To bolster their position or add credibility to an obscure concept… one that often hides a racially charged or anti-Semitic agenda at its core.

Every one of their ideas are easily deconstructed in the LIGHT. We don’t need Conspiracy Theories to understand what truly happened that day. We have FACTS. We know WHY this happened.

The intelligence was there. The lights were all FLASHING RED… critical pieces weren’t passed up the chain. Oversight was lax…


That’s what allowed this to happen. In essence… it was an inside job.

In those early months of a new Administration, with their transition period stunted by prolonged legal challenges. Was there something that they missed… was there something MORE they could have done to prevent this from happening in the first place?

We may never know… they were too busy figuring out how to INVADE IRAQ.



Go find me a way to do this.”

-POTUS, January 2001.

And even upon this Hallowed Day,


We all know what the problem is. An unpopular President elevated with only a MINORITY of support. Faced with a LIFE-THREATENING crisis, the Administration was too pre-occupied with their own agendas to be prepared in advance… and the American People are stuck holding the the check when the balance comes due.

Some things NEVER CHANGE… and that’s precisely what needs to change.

It doesn’t matter how many countries we invade. How many TRILLIONS of dollars we spend on securing the Homeland. If we do not address the cause of this problem… it will happen again. No matter how healthy the chicken is, if it doesn’t have its HEAD screwed on correctly, it’s only a matter of TIME.

We’ve spent the last twenty years trying to build something beautiful out of the ruins that were made. For our security, as well as theirs. We believed it could be done. We were told it could be done… it seems, in this we’ve found COMMON GROUND with the People of Afghanistan:

Elected Officials take positions that stand opposed to the Will of The People, because of the influence that MONEY has on their decision making processes.

We did everything we could possibly think of so it would never happen again, but we never addressed the UNDERLYING CAUSE of our problem. Twice now, in less than twenty years… 

We must fulfill our promise and ensure it can never happen again.


In the Course of HUMAN Events


THIS is the best we could have hoped for… this is the best we could have done. This President says so. The LAST President says so. The PEOPLE wanted us out… a deadline’s a deadline. We even signed a treaty. And lord knows, when we sign a treaty our elected officials must abide.


This is the best our election system can produce. THIS is the product of our partisan political system. An adversarial contest between opposing ideological entities… who now STAND in agreement.

This was to be expected no matter when we decided to leave, be it 10 years ago or 10 years from now. What more could have been done? What MORE could President Biden do… he’s just the President.

Of the United States of America.







What more could have been done?

These excuses presented by the current Administration don’t hold water in-light of the previous one. We’ve now seen the IMPACT a President can have on every aspect of our daily lives. To say there was nothing that could have changed this outcome is either naive, ignorant, or intentionally misleading.

And it damages the stature of The Office.

A weak and inept Executive Office puts our National Security at risk. A stubborn and near-sighted Administration jeopardizes our stable relationships abroad.

A President who concedes that there will be people left behind, in a war that’s been on-going for 20 years, lacks the vision and foresight necessary to earn the confidence of the American People.

The phrase ‘There’s nothing I can do’ should not be in the vocabulary of the President of these United States. As it is with all of us… they have a CHOICE.

The bottom line is all about priorities. Who’s interests do you represent? How will you judge and interpret an incoming stream of information. How will you react and what conclusions will you draw from the overall picture painted by those events.

The unfolding course of events during our withdrawal from Afghanistan is the best Joe Biden could have hoped for.


… and now we move on to Domestic Events.


And now, once again… what will our priorities BE. Because now, LIVES are on the line. Once again, history attempts to repeat itself. Presenting a moment that demands CLARITY.

The PEOPLE know where Justice lies…




… do our elected officials? 

Better still, will they do what’s RIGHT or will they BOW to their DONORS, to secure their political future.

They need to see… it’s a TRICK QUESTION! There is NO POLITICAL RISK in defending the rights of others. In fact…

It’s required.


We may be able to determine the path of our journey, but we cannot change the destination. Equal Justice Under Law. It’s emblazoned upon the archway of our Highest Court. If it is not for ONE of us… then it is not for ALL of us.


What outcome is the best we can hope for… what else could have been done.

ONE MAN now stands in the way of EQUALITY for HALF of this Nation. 

Mr. President, listen to THE PEOPLE and direct the archivist to add the 28th Amendment to the Constitution. There is no political risk in supporting the Constitution.

The People have spoken. It’s time to ratify EQUALITY.