Thank You Sir May I Have Another


Once upon a time there was a political party that came into power, sweeping all three branches of government. Believing they had a mandate, they were excited to do the work the People had sent them there to do.

But as they set about legislating, they soon found the minority party BLOCKED their agenda at every turn. As small gains accumulated, they continued to craft their “signature” legislation, just as they had campaigned on… for the People. But even within their own ranks they could not find UNITY.

As the President’s political base grew frustrated, he made policy changes and issued Executive Orders. He even directed the Department of Justice to pursue legal challenges to existing laws in an attempt to affect the changes Congress could not.

A grumpy old Senator of their own party even said NO at a crucial moment, killing an important piece of legislation… thereby setting in motion, a chain of events that would eventually lead to their losing the majority in one House of Congress… followed by TWO YEARS of infighting, fundraising, and INACTION… and then it was time for another Presidential Election.

It all seems like so long ago. 

… right. 


Once upon a time… time seemed infinite. It doesn’t matter how long it takes, eventually the tide will TURN. ‘The fight continues. The struggle marches on.’ Maybe it’s the ignorance of youth. Maybe it’s just eternal optimism. Besides… who am I to complain about the passage of TIME

The Righteousness of the Cause of Equality is timeless. It STANDS as the yardstick. We can measure the passage of time by the distribution of Equality. With each passing year more people are seen as EQUALS. Each passing year brings us closer to the goal… the realization of that Dream

But my concern isn’t for the passage of TIME. Years? I have plenty of those. No matter how many pass, they’re all just a dime-a-dozen. I’m more concerned about the passing of LIVES… and as the YEARS pass, those numbers continue to add up. 

The ACA. The American Rescue Act… piece after piece of crucial legislation, passed in such a way as to AVOID the subject that must be addressed. ‘THIS is how bipartisanship looks. This is how bipartisanship WORKS…’ 

So long as it’s related to the BUDGET and nothing else

I’ve seen this show before. I know this song… I even learned that dance. 




What is the PRICE of our Political Theater. Who pays the admission fee for this SHOW. How many generations have now paid into that social system, a price irreconcilable with their actual loss? 

Two years. Twenty-two years. Two hundred and forty years. Four Centuries… plus two more. TIME marches on. In the meantime… as we wait. Patiently at times. Other times not. We do not measure the passage of time in minuets. Days and weeks don’t suffice. 

We measure the passage of time with EQUALITY. Slowly. Methodically. Surely.
It progresses. 
No barrier. No border. No laws can bring about its end. 

How much longer must we wait… 
How much TIME must pass? 



George Floyd’s 7-Year-Old Daughter Speaks at Chauvin’s Sentencing – YouTube


The fight continues. The struggle marches on.’ 

Until one day, once upon a time… it didn’t. 

It wasn’t necessary anymore. 

… tick tock tick tock… 


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Husband, father, housewife, musician, theoretical astrophysicist, (FMR) Presidential Candidate in 2020, and all-around human guy.

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