For Those Without a Voice

Could you imagine? Questioning yourself, your actions… every decision that you’ve made. And at the end of the day, the only question that’s left…

Was there something MORE I could have done? 







Was there something I could have said. Was there something I did that made that situation worse? Would this outcome have even happened if I hadn’t been involved. 

What more could have been done, that wouldn’t have raised the temperature of an already inflamed situation… why am I so damn tired, but still can’t fall asleep. 


How much of ourselves are we willing to put on the line for the sake of others… for our family… for a complete stranger? Ms. Frazier’s got it figured out. She may not know it yet, but she’s on the right path. It’s not about anything she did in that situation… it’s about what he did. It’s about what he didn’t do. 


Darnella did the only thing that could have been done to calm that situation, and not everyone would have been as STRONG… to hold UP that mirror, so he could SEE exactly what he was doing. She gave him every opportunity to change his ways. 

She chose to STAND UP and SPEAK OUT on George Floyd’s behalf before anyone else… may we ALL find the strength and courage to follow her lead. 


Author: jackcharbonneau

Husband, father, housewife, musician, theoretical astrophysicist, (FMR) Presidential Candidate in 2020, and all-around human guy.

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