And so it is… the engine is STILL SOUND. When we choose to put our foot down, the acceleration GROWS. As the velocity of this change increases, in-sync with the fluidity of the passage of time, we breathe deep and shift gears; opening another level of expansion… attaining that which was once said to be unattainable.

Attaining that, which was once said could NEVER be done… after four years of the Donald J. Trump Administration, does anyone truly believe there is anything this Nation cannot DO.

Cyclical in nature, the gears turn… just as it was when this experiment was set into motion. Where once there was nothing, with the stroke of a QUILL thus it was born; zero to sixty one HOT afternoon in July. Today, the promises of SPRING bloom… may our work preserve and protect the harvest of a Just and Righteous fruit this FALL.

Where once there was doubt grows HOPE. Where once sprawled a field of brambles, now lies neatly tended rows… cleared by PATIENTS, with a devout adherence to the marking of the passage of TIME. The Fields of Destiny now call us. Let us move FORWARD and dispel the opinions of those who stand opposed to the MAJORITY and SHOW THEM how it will be, how it MUST be… it is for THEM we do this as well.

Equal Justice Under Law is NOT an opinion… in this country, that must be our REALITY. It’s our DUTY to ensure it is so.


Accountability for offensive actions is a GOOD START.

The George Floyd Accountability in Policing Act must be passed.

It doesn’t matter who that knee is upon, so long as it’s able to happen again…  you could be next. Without LAW, they retain that right.

IF we granted Qualified Immunity to EVERYONE we employ to operate a deadly metal machine, we would see an increase in the number of pedestrians struck and killed by CITY BUSES. Because they can be held accountable for their split-second decisions, they err in-favor of the PEDESTRIAN and not the LAMP POST.


But this legislation does not go deep enough. It does not SOLVE the problem that created the need for this legislation in the first place. While accountability itself can act as a deterrent, it will ultimately lead to more of the SAME. 

Locking up Police Officers for abhorrent behavior will not stop the killing of Black Lives. Only KNOWLEDGE can do that… knowledge leads to UNDERSTANDING, and anyone we deem worthy of carrying a BADGE and a GUN should always be striving for more knowledge, to better understand the communities in which they serve. 

Right now, where do these Officers gather their information? What level of education should we require for our Law Enforcement Officers and what fields should we require them to be fully knowledgeable in before we consider ARMING them and sending them out into our communities?

Racism, discrimination, prejudice… these mindsets are NOT default settings. They are TAUGHT to others, they are LEARNED. The best weapon against racism is knowledge.

We need to create a four year degree in Law Enforcement and Peace Officer Education, in which we require extensive learning in the methods of policing and the historical relationships between police and minority groups in this country. To simply say police need more training is not enough, we need to fully establish and accredit what it is they should know and how they will be trained.

Once established, Officers will fully understand what it is we expect from them in the line of duty. They will have no doubt as to when they should pull their service weapon, and there will be no doubt as to when they should be held accountable for their actions. It is in our Nation’s interest to make this training mandatory for all Officers, so it should be free of charge for anyone who earns the degree.

The FAA requires 1500 hours of training before a pilot can fly commercially in the United States. According to Wikipedia, that can take about two years to complete. That amount of time should be the MINIMUM requirement for all Law Enforcement Officers in the United States, on top of a four year degree.



I still believe in the mission of Law Enforcement. I believe they play a vital role in our society, of both deterrence and security. 

Understanding the diversity of situations Officers find themselves in, we need to incorporate a multi discipline approach to Law Enforcement. We need cops who are specifically Doctors, Nurses, Psychologists. Officers trained in Law Enforcement with a specialty. When called, they respond with a Badge and authority, but armed with KNOWLEDGE instead of a gun. Their primary objective is to correct a situation by any means necessary including arrest, but not specifically so. 

Discretion. Empathy. Compassion. Community Assistance… responding to those situations that are not solved by incarceration. If we can avoid bad outcomes for both police AND citizens, then we should do so. 




The guilty verdict in the trial of Derek Chauvin has shattered our perception of reality, exposing a tectonic shift… a generational divide. My teenagers saw the outcome of the trial as a given, the evidence was too overwhelming. ‘There’s only one way the jury could decide.’ 

I did my best to tell them. I told them to go watch the footage of Rodney King and remember… a jury let those Officers GO. Mr. King was resisting arrest. 

Our children now view JUSTICE as a given, unlike their parents and grandparents who have been conditioned to expect the opposite… because it’s been proven to be so many times before. For them, that world no longer EXISTS. 

All they have is HOPE, and now their beliefs have been affirmed…  
I want THIS WORLD to be more like theirs. 


We need to Talk

To be honest, it’s a conversation I know nothing about… how could I? I am a white man. I don’t know what it’s like, nor will I ever. I’ve never feared Law Enforcement Officers… well, only when I knew I was in the wrong. But even then I never feared for my life. I was taught to follow the Law and respect those who enforce it. It’s their job to ‘Protect and Serve’ us… The People.

That’s not the same story for every American. 





Here in Kansas City, KS… I’m in the MINORITY.


It’s not quite as stark as if I were living in The Bahamas, but it is quite obvious. And it becomes even more pronounced when I drive to one of the outlying suburbs, where there are no POC at the shopping centers… where there’s not a pawn shop on every other corner… where there are fresh veggies and sidewalks. 






If you’ve ever lived in a part of town where the National Pizza Chains won’t deliver to your neighborhood… you’ve been the victim of racism. 


About a month into the quarantine for COVID-19, our refrigerator stopped keeping things cold. It might have been something as simple as cleaning the coils or replacing an internal component, but I’ll never know. No service repair shop would send a technician into Wyandotte County. If I had lived somewhere else though, they were more than happy to help. But here… not so much. 

Instead of a $300 repair bill, we had to buy a brand new refrigerator… all because of a preconceived notion of the community in which I live. 

And where on the map was this ‘line’ drawn, between “Technicians are standing by” and “Sorry you’re outta luck”? I know from experience, the dividing line for a delivery area can end abruptly on ONE SIDE of the street, while the OTHER SIDE is deemed just too far away. 

Back in my day… we were told we should lock our doors when driving down a particular street or driving in a particular neighborhood. But turn a corner, and hook a left at the light… you’re suddenly in a neighborhood filled with fully restored 100 year old mansions. Literally, no less than THREE BLOCKS down the road. 

Who draws these lines? Who decides THIS neighborhood is ‘acceptable’ and THIS neighborhood is NOT… 

And what DATA are they basing those conclusions upon? 




There are no clear lines drawn within our communities. What effects ONE will effect us ALL… because we live SIDE-BY-SIDE. In our schools. In our grocery stores. At work and at home. If the numbers are SKEWED… if the DATA we’re basing our conclusions upon is WRONG… it effects our Laws, our priorities… our very perception of what is “right” and what is “wrong”.




Would it surprise anyone if we found a connecting thread that tied all these deadly encounters together? On the surface… sometimes these officers are white, sometimes they are black. There is no discrimination it seems, when it comes to the origin of the Use of Force… so what is it. 





Black men are taught from an early age to fear encounters with the police… as I would if I were the father of a black child. Therefore, they are fearful and paranoid when these encounters eventually happen.

It’s a natural, rational, completely understandable… and PREDICTABLE human response to a potentially life-threatening situation.


Law Enforcement Officers are TRAINED to interpret those actions as a threat. ‘The subject is acting paranoid… they’re hiding something. They’re acting GUILTY.’ 

What FACTS would then flash through an officer’s head in that split-second decision making process… ALL SKEWED, by laws that are tainted with Racial Profiling and a Criminal Justice System that’s based on CASH. 

Did you know police can just take your stuff if they suspect it’s involved in a crime? They can! It’s a shady process called “civil asset forfeiture,” and it would make for a weird episode of Law and Order.


“The American Civil Liberties Union of Minnesota said it had ‘deep concerns that police here appear to have used dangling air fresheners as an excuse for making a pretextual stop, something police do all too often to target Black people.’”






I’ve tried to teach my kids that they are privileged, and that it’s wrong… and it’s on us to do the work to make things right. We cannot simply STAND SILENT. Use your little white boy shield and SPEAK OUT… someone’s LIFE may depend on it! 

I know it’s a lot to put on the shoulders of a 15 year old boy… but right now? Until we take the necessary steps toward ensuring Law Enforcement Officers protect the rights of every citizen in every State, EQUALLY… that’s all we’ve GOT

That needs to change. 


Respect Your Elders


Sure, I’ll admit it. I may be a little wet behind the ears, maybe not as long in the tooth as others… so I might be mistaken from time to time. But that’s why I choose to SPEAK OUT. To clarify. To educate, both myself AND others. How else would we find the answers that we seek?

In an OPEN and HONEST debate, the best ideas always rise to the TOP. 

That is why we are here today! It’s the cornerstone of our Democracy. Ideas are proposed and discussions commence. Improvements are added, weaknesses are highlighted, and legislation is voted upon… but that’s currently NOT the case in the United States Senate.

Legislation is NOT voted upon. Legislation is proposed, debated, enhanced and amended, and then… no vote. Even when that legislation has passed the House… no vote. Even if a MAJORITY of Senators approve… no vote. The Will of the Majority is overruled by the Minority.


40% of the people know what’s best for this country… there must be something wrong with the rest of us

In order to stop the Majority from imposing its will upon the Minority. To protect the smaller States from the larger, more populous States… as if the Great State of California, to its own detriment, would actively pursue an agenda to harm another part of this Union!

It would be a rational fear to have… if we were living in 1776. 


We must never forget the Presidency of Donald J. Trump. The passions and fire of ONE MAN, unleashed upon the people. Stoking anger and division for more than four years, and still… he could not convince a MAJORITY of this Nation that he was correct. Even with every outlet available to him, the PEOPLE were not convinced… THE PEOPLE were correct.

The MAJORITY of this Nation STANDS for Liberty and Justice for ALL. Not everyone believes in this… that is why they are in the MINORITY.

The MAJORITY of this Nation fights to protect the Rights of ALL citizens. It does not seek to hinder or harm, it seeks to elevate everyone. EQUALLY. Anyone seeking to protect the Rights of the Minority by standing OPPOSED to the Will of the Majority should consider UPDATING their position… in-light of the conclusions drawn from our most recent ‘experiment’.

Re-reading the words of our Founders, we can see our opinions have evolved considerably over the last 200 years. Roughly ONE THIRD of the words written about the Senate in The Federalist Papers are now GARBAGE… Senators are no longer selected by the Legislatures of the individual States. We ABANDONED that practice long ago and decided the PEOPLE should choose their Senators by direct vote. And why is that? More participation equals Better Governance.

IF your position is so STRONG, why is it you cannot rally a MAJORITY of support? IF your position is to stand opposed to the Majority, so be it. Please do so… Clearly. Make sure EVERYONE knows exactly where you STAND. When time shows your position to be correct, the Majority will stand with you.

And until that day comes, the MAJORITY of this Nation will support and defend your right to SPEAK OUT. Debate and dissent are essential to a thriving democracy, and we are all working toward the SAME GOAL: a more perfect Union.


The United States Senate is the greatest deliberative body in the world INSPITE of the filibuster, not BECAUSE of it. The filibuster KILLS debate, it does not encourage it.

What makes the Senate superior is the six year term. The House, being elected every two years, is more closely tied to the fires and the passions of the People in the moment; whereas the Senate, not being constantly consumed with winning re-election, can work with a more deliberative approach to legislation, bringing a more informed and careful eye to the situation…

At least, that’s how it’s supposed to work.


Reading through these theoretical suppositions, written over two centuries ago, where within these paragraphs do they speak of the ability of ONE MAN to override the will of the Majority? How are those actions characterized? What are their opinions of such actions…


They speak of TYRANNY. They use it as an example in their demonstrations, of what it is they were attempting to AVOID… THIS is what we fear, so we want to create a governing body that will produce the OPPOSITE of these acts. 


They saw the demise of our Democracy coming in the form of a consolidation of authority. An abdication of power by one branch of government, allowing it to become subservient to another. But they did believe it could right itself, if it ever did come to pass. 


Unfortunately, as studious and thorough as they were, they were still unable to foresee the Dark Arts necessary to accomplish such an act… 


Ladies and Gentlemen, I present to you…  



… wiser words never spoken.


For Those Without a Voice

Could you imagine? Questioning yourself, your actions… every decision that you’ve made. And at the end of the day, the only question that’s left…

Was there something MORE I could have done? 







Was there something I could have said. Was there something I did that made that situation worse? Would this outcome have even happened if I hadn’t been involved. 

What more could have been done, that wouldn’t have raised the temperature of an already inflamed situation… why am I so damn tired, but still can’t fall asleep. 


How much of ourselves are we willing to put on the line for the sake of others… for our family… for a complete stranger? Ms. Frazier’s got it figured out. She may not know it yet, but she’s on the right path. It’s not about anything she did in that situation… it’s about what he did. It’s about what he didn’t do. 


Darnella did the only thing that could have been done to calm that situation, and not everyone would have been as STRONG… to hold UP that mirror, so he could SEE exactly what he was doing. She gave him every opportunity to change his ways. 

She chose to STAND UP and SPEAK OUT on George Floyd’s behalf before anyone else… may we ALL find the strength and courage to follow her lead.