Infinite Potential

I’ve been bitten by a ‘bug’.

My brain’s been infected, causing me to see things… in a different light. I didn’t grow up believing I would one day run for office. I was taught that I could if, one day I choose to; but I wasn’t raised in a family of legislators or diplomats.

I’ve never felt entitled to lead, nor have I felt any pressure to pursue a position of leadership. I’ve always felt that I could lead if a situation ever came up… but that would inevitably mean going into POLITICS.

IDK if you know this, but… politics is some DIRTY SHIT!

Who would ever WILLINGLY go into POLITICS!?

Over these past six months I’ve been searching, watching the protests, mourning the losses and cheering the wins. Looking for that glimmer of hope that all of us have been trying to find. Yet still… I’m left wanting.

The People spoke LOUD and CLEAR in November, Democracy shall reign Supreme. That is a celebration in and of itself! But, as it was in 2016, HALF of this nation still feels disenfranchised. HALF of this nation feels the system is “rigged”… and can you blame them? They are seeing what the Democrats saw in the lead up to the 2016 election:

Our election system is being held together with DUCT TAPE and TWIST-TIES. Any significant pressure applied from the outside causes the whole thing to collapse, allowing the weakest candidates to ascend.

Outside influence, subversive and occult. Hidden from scrutiny, preempting the Will of The People. Maybe it’s been there all along. Maybe it was better camouflaged when I was a younger man. Maybe previous generations were fully aware of how disconnected our representative government has become from the lives of average Americans… or maybe they’ve just never considered how much more our system of governance could be.

The most important lesson I’ve learned from my experience is this, the “magic” does not lie within the individual who occupies the Office. It comes from within OURSELVES… we entrust it to them.

Four thousand people, hired directly by the President. PLUS, the hundreds of thousands who make up the nuts and bolts of our government, ALL working to further the agenda that WE, The People, elevate. It’s designed for whomever holds the Office to SUCCEED! It’s not the system’s fault… it’s OUR fault, for allowing ourselves to be deceived.

Who will ALWAYS have the final say when it comes to our future security?

The People, when we cast our vote at the ballot box.

The process of how those candidates get there… THAT is the problem. THAT is the core of our “rigged” election process. The legal grey area, the political shadows. The “Good Ol’ Boys” club, the Great Filter of political hierarchy.

“Nancy Pelosi has never sat for a debate since she has been elected,” says Eric Oetker, spokesperson for one of Pelosi’s primary opponents. 

What… you thought elections were decided based on who has the best IDEAS?! Well now, let me tell you a little story! I can say, from personal experience, that right now… that is NOT the case. The question then becomes:

Do we want that to be the case in the FUTURE?

That’s where my mind’s at on this blustery Christmas Eve. Those are the thoughts that keep me up at night… the infection has poisoned my mind, and my heart aches because of it. I believe I have found the answers and must share them with the world.

My sympathies to Miss Cassandra and her infinite wisdom.

But my lot has already been cast. I’ve sounded this ship and set sail, believing it could stand the waves. The fear of such a journey has already been seen. After two years, my confidence in the idea only grows… no fear can stop me, my eyes are wide open.

We are the balance upon which the entire system is judged… the POWER lies with us! Any system that attempts to correct, distort, or interpret the Will of The People, is inherently susceptible to corruption.

Remove the corruption, restore HONOR in governance.

Is there any issue for which I could STAND that would be more honorable than that? May the Will of the MAJORITY of this blessed land ALWAYS prevail.


Author: jackcharbonneau

Husband, father, housewife, musician, theoretical astrophysicist, (FMR) Presidential Candidate in 2020, and all-around human guy.

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