Because They Knew They Would Get It Wrong


CHAINED by an oppressive MASTER… your struggle, is now OUR struggle.

Forced to work AGAINST OUR WILL… your fight for SURVIVAL, becomes OUR fight as well.

“Free at last! Free at last!” It cannot be… it will not be, until ALL of us are.


If it is not for ONE of us, then it is not for ALL of us. Those chains that bind have been found throughout Human History, burdens forced upon OTHERS because of who they ARE, or the GOD they worship. In every ancient text found in every religion, there once was a PEOPLE who were oppressed… and then they were SET FREE.


That struggle is now OUR struggle.

That FIGHT is now OUR fight…


May OUR STORY be revered just the same.



The WORLD has heard your story… and the citizens of the WORLD feel the same. They now turn to the United States for leadership, saying “Well, it’s about bloody time the Americans showed up… we’ve been doing this since 2010!”





… eventually, we find our way.


Because we ALREADY have the answer! It’s written within our Founding Documents… Hidden for those with EYES TO SEE!

How we DEFINE IT, is how it will BE.




Every Commander-in-Chief has brought with them their own unique interpretation of the Constitution. Some interpretations have been POLAR OPPOSITES, seeming to make illegal, actions undertaken by the previous occupant… almost overnight.

It’s nothing new. It goes all the way back to Jefferson’s era. And certainly, it will continue… well into the future. The stoking of impassioned political fires drives our National Dialogue, it feeds our Body Politic. The phrase “Red Meat” sums it up well. Whatever the issue is, “Gin it UP” and throw it to the Political BASE.

And come NEXT ELECTION… we can “Talking Point” it, and “Field Test” it, and find out how the PEOPLE really feel about it.


This issue will bring the DONORS out in DROVES!


As it is with Immigration Reform.

As it is with Reproductive Rights.

As it is with Election Security.

As it is with Civil Rights.

As it is with the Right to Bear Arms.

As it HAS BEEN since the 1994 Crime Bill was PASSED…


… as it was in 1968.


“But where are the SOLUTIONS?”


“How can we continue to raise MONEY on a problem that’s already been SOLVED?”


Besides, we can’t worry about THAT when there’s WAR, OIL, CLIMATE CHANGE, RECESSION, BAILOUTS, SOCIAL SECURITY, WELFARE… distraction on top of distraction.

That’s part of the reason I’ve been so patient. I knew… I was planning on BLOWING UP their entire “game”. Could you imagine… THOSE TWO, on a debate stage, squaring off against one of their own CONSTITUENTS?!

Someone bring a BUCKET… we’re about to watch a couple SNOWFLAKES melt!


I believe that is what the American People want to SEE. That is why I launched this campaign, and I have found NO EVIDENCE to show otherwise. Left or Right, Red or Blue… we ALL know what the problem is.


And one day, I hope THE PEOPLE of this Nation find what they are looking for.




We are called to HONOR our Sacred Duty, as we have PLEDGED we would. We fight for the Liberty of ALL MANKIND, to live their Lives in Happiness.

That is OUR STORY. That is the SPARK of this Nation… to believe so deeply in an IDEA that you would be willing to risk it ALL, just to see it come to PASS. Pursuing such an outlandish concept as allowing THE PEOPLE to govern themselves, all while surrounded by men who still BOW BEFORE A KING…

Theoretical. Blasphemous! OPPOSED by the majority time after time, until one HOT day in July… it was not. UNANIMITY. The BEST IDEAS won the day.

And how do we know that the BEST ideas are OURS? Because of the genius found within their design… they knew they would get it WRONG.

That is why it is WORTHY of our celebration, because it can be CHANGED!


Everything GOOD that can come from this Nation ALREADY EXISTS, right NOW. What becomes manifest, we decide… every day.




Equality, not revenge. With malice toward none and with charity for ALL. We, THE PEOPLE… with Liberty and Justice FOR ALL.


Esse quam videri.


Let OUR vision be Future Focused, and let us STAND UNITED.


Long live the OFFICE of the President of The United States.









Author: jackcharbonneau

Husband, father, housewife, musician, theoretical astrophysicist, (FMR) Presidential Candidate in 2020, and all-around human guy.

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