Something tells me, even before I answer… you have a very strong opinion on the subject!😉

What answer do you want, ‘The Politician’ or the person? BOTH are valid opinions. BOTH, though they stand in opposition, are positions I hold simultaneously. I believe THAT is the missing element from the discussion.

The Federal Government has NO business dictating to ANY citizen ANY aspect of their reproductive rights. It IS the place of the Federal Government to PROTECT that right for ALL citizens. Those choices are made between a woman and her doctor.

BUT, as the Tweet that started this suggests… I am a defender of LIFE. I believe EVERY child should have the chance to live a happy and healthy life.

Pursuing the initiatives and agendas that are scientifically proven to reduce the number of abortions must happen. It starts with KNOWLEDGE. Use the tools we have been given to make REAL change. Not simply to enrage and fundraise, then ignore solvable problems. To make the decisions… to do the RIGHT THING!

Realizing less abortions BEGINS with happy, healthy mothers. Right now we raise our daughters in a society where they are NOT included in the Constitution. The STRICT INTERPRETATION of the law leaves them open to “justice”, as defined “in-the-moment”, by whomever… we HOPE men of HONOR rome the halls of Justice, but that’s ALL. The lack of protection creates a “separate” class of people subject to ________. (undefined)

Ensure Equal Standing in the Constitution for Women and Girls.

Sex Ed at an early age and easy access to contraception reduces the chances of an unwanted pregnancy.

SILENCE and DISGRACE about natural human form and function is part of this problem. Children are naturally curious and they should be given FACTS and KNOWLEDGE about how things work, so they know what IS acceptable behavior… that works to solve TWO issues.

When Women and Girls are given the tools to make well-educated decisions, that knowledge EMPOWERS every aspect of their lives. Their career choices, their potential life-time income, where they live, and who/if they marry. Create STABLE lives within an encouraging, STABLE community, and abortions become LESS and LESS necessary.

I believe EVERY life is sacred. Even within the womb. Our Laws reflect that, as in the cases of manslaughter charges due to the death of an unborn child. Those instances are ones where happy, healthy families are destroyed by an undesired event.

We must not forget, in some instances, the happy, healthy family is destroyed by an undesired event… that causes a pregnancy.

If we want to see a world free of abortions, we must DEFEND a Woman’s Right to Choose. In order to do that, Women must have Equal Standing in the Constitution… EMPOWER them to choose life!

… with respect,