Too Many Times

It is with humble respect, and acknowledgement of the DEPTHS of the institution established upon this Continent some 400 years ago, that I say these words… as always.



You reap what you sow. What you set your mind to is what you become in the end. When deception is your practice, in the end… YOU will be the one deceived.

No one can say, while staring at the product of 70+ years of prosperity and achievement, unequaled in the history of Mankind, that our Country is better or safer if we isolate ourselves. Anyone who argues in favor of retreat, or acts to keep “OTHERS” out, is either trying to sell you something

… or they have been LIED to.

In some cases their WHOLE life. In many cases, THEIR parents were LIED to, and theirs, as well. These LIES are numerous. They vary in “shape” and “flavor”, but they are LIES none the less. Originated to empower SOMEONE over someone ELSE. To gain a perceived advantage over an enemy, or a faction, or in support of another UNDISCLOSED interest, motivated by the PASSIONS and DESIRES that have plagued honest peoples for millennia.

The fact that it was allowed to begin with, at some point in human history, the practice of ENSLAVING humans opened the door for our CURRENT situation. When we ALLOWED one type of HUMAN to be superior to another, where BOTH are the SAME as if born of the SAME MOTHER… the seed was sown.

We stand witness to the CLIMAX of that extremist ideology. Where once it was used selectively, to empower a majority against a smaller group, the tables have turned. Today, the small group exerts this effort against EVERYONE without regard for your religion, your orientation, or your race.

THIS ideology discriminates based on ONE color…. GOLD.


It is THIS our Nation fought AGAINST in the Cold War, in Vietnam, in Korea. The socioeconomic/political idea of  “individual sovereignty”. The individual can decide what’s best for themselves. When you take the infantile concept of communism and scrutinize it, extrapolate the theory out to, what one could say would be its ultimate product, it would be a society where everyone did what was best for themselves without concern for infringing on another, because to do what’s best for yourself is what’s best for everyone else… everyone is equal, there are no superiors or inferiors…

Communism. When everyone is equal, eventually some people seem to be “more equal” than OTHERS. We believe a fair system with a STRONG Rule of Law will produce the BEST RESULTS everytime, in every situation. We believe our Rule of Law creates a fair playing field and when we see injustice within our system, we become DEFENSIVE- “That is NOT the America I know!”

Right now, that “fighting spirit” is being INTENTIONALLY misdirected.

Our problems are NOT caused by government. They are caused by “susceptibility to vice”, carried within the Legislators themselves. Caring and HONEST elected officials forced to be deceptive, or PAID to remain SILENT when, without their “duty to fundraise”, they would normally SPEAK OUT.

And to “Stop the INVASION of _____ , we must DONATE to the _____ party! Stop putting _____ in cages!”

THAT issue, of immigration reform, should NOT exist… yes? NONE of it should STILL be an issue, right? Because committees report, findings are made, SOLUTIONS forged, and LIVES are better… REGULAR ORDER. But, no. WHY?

Money. Solve the PROBLEM, you can’t FUNDRAISE on it.

LIVES… Bought and SOLD.

We are now the MERCHANDISE. Without regard to race, religion, sex, or creed.

And we stand now, at that point. DECISIONS must be made. If we do not make them for OURSELVES, they will be made FOR US…

History will show you that.


Author: jackcharbonneau

Husband, father, housewife, musician, theoretical astrophysicist, (FMR) Presidential Candidate in 2020, and all-around human guy.

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