What good comes from violence… what goals are sought? What is their ultimate prize?
And what is the outcome. What happens to the VOICE that’s been silenced by violent acts?

Their WORDS do not fade, they grow stronger.
Their CAUSE does not falter… it SURVIVES them.

Strengthened in resolve, that act of violence does not achieve their stated objective… it DEFEATS it. That act becomes the foundation, upon which our HISTORY is made.

Will we be the ones who must tell our grandchildren that democracy fell on our watch? That the experiment was simply all for not… that the price of GAS was just too damn HIGH…

I’m sorry, I refuse to believe it… not this time.
I don’t believe that anymore.



Our names will now be recorded in the written pages of our HISTORY, alongside others whose lives have spanned the boundary between geological times. That place on the page, where you can POINT to it and say, ‘THIS is what was… and now, it is NO MORE.’

Washed away in the blink of an eye… Modern Life becomes Ancient History. Last week seems like an eternity. What once was stable, has now crumbled… and what still STANDS, seems different than it was before.

But we are born the descendants of SURVIVORS.
As it has been, so shall it ever be. UNITED… we must forge a BETTER WAY.




In the immediate aftermath of the attacks on September 11, the safest place to be in the United States of America was onboard a domestic commercial airline flight. Long before the TSA and the beefed-up security… the full-body scans and the taking off your shoes… no one dared start something.

Because every passenger on that flight knew…
Any unchecked act of aggression would have only ONE outcome.

Therefore, it was up to us to ensure there could only BE one outcome.

Every person on that flight was ready to make it so.

Before 9/11 there was always that possibility the hijackers would fly to Cuba or Mexico… negotiate for MONEY, etc… and eventually, everything would just work itself out. So long as we stayed SILENT…

My god… if only we hadn’t been so BLIND.


Because we still BELIEVE in the process… because we still STAND for the Rule of Law. Because the Long Arc of History still bends toward JUSTICE… because that Long Arc will not bend ALONE.

It is OURS to decide, what path we will take when it comes to our Union. Not the DONORS… not the SPECIAL INTERESTS. THE PEOPLE… for whom this Nation was conceived. Without our VOICE the process is incomplete… so we must VOTE.

Every issue is on the ballot this fall. EVERY ISSUE… save one.

That issue is on the ballot in 2024.

I will cast my VOTE this fall because my VOICE matters, just as much as anyone else’s. I will VOTE for those candidates who STAND UP for our Rule of Law, and I will vote AGAINST those who do not.

To be SILENT is to be COMPLICIT… and we will REAP what we have SOWN.



As the sun rises on this new landscape, we see little of familiarity. The shadows cast hide even more that the eye cannot see. After the fire’s rage, after the chaos and unrest… even if NOTHING still stands…

We will still have our Union… and we will not stand ALONE.🇺🇸

The most radical among us fight constantly, and yet somehow… we eventually work our way back toward the MIDDLE. In this moment, we must work from the middle OUT. We must clear out the debris and start anew… as all that’s left are foundations.

In the aftermath of violent destruction, that’s all that’s left.
When nothing still stands… we must follow them.

That’s how you know where you are…




Wouldn’t it be nice if we could just STOP all this nonsense and get ourselves back to doing what’s right…


Immigrants. Seeking asylum. Seeking refuge. From violence, devastation, corruption… things we all know too well.

But they’re just living off of the welfare of others… taking away my hard-earned DOLLAR.


Yeah… what about that.


As if we needed another reminder of how vulnerable we truly are, when faced with a changing climate.


As if we need another demonstration of how truly BLESSED we all are.
Well… almost all of us.


Hmmm… how many ELECTORS does Puerto Rico have? Oh, right.
They’ve got the same number of SENATORS seeking re-election this fall.




Doing a heck-of-a-job there, Brownie.


This is all I’ve got… my WORDS. My VOICE. There but for the Grace of God go I. I’m not a wealthy man. I’m not an educated man… I am merely a Man. But I know I am not alone. I STAND united with the MAJORITY.

Not the MAJORITY as I see it. Not the MAJORITY as I want it to be. The inherent strength and wisdom of the MAJORITY of this Nation, the United States of America.

Let there be NO DOUBT.

Cast aside your preconceptions and give rise to the KNOWLEDGE we have gained. The Will of the Majority of the United States of America is TRUE. It is JUST. The Majority of this Land STANDS for what is Right.

Two centuries of LIGHT have shown us, as if mere speculation were criminal.

If Ginni Thomas might be SO BOLD… 



If Donald J. Trump might be SO BOLD… 


Then it is my RIGHT… it is my DUTY to SPEAK OUT as well.

To be SILENT is to be COMPLICIT.

I will continue to stand in the way. I will continue to CALL OUT the inaction and hypocrisy that I see. I will do all that I can, with all that I have… for as long as the fates allow. I refuse to become well-adjusted to such a maladjusted society.

Unapologetically. Without FEAR or FAVOR. Our Rule of Law protects our Right to Protest. Without it… we have NO RIGHTS.

If we hold their Right to Free Speech as sacrosanct, then there must be some ray of HOPE for an idea such as mine.

I’m not a MAGA Conservative trying to sell you some bill of goods, pretending that I alone can fix it. Any FOOL can tell you that. I’m not a Liberal Democrat, who prioritizes Virtue Signaling or Affirmative Action.

I am a Progressive. From the Great State of KANSAS.

I STAND for Equality.

Full stop.

That is what we are LACKING. That is what this situation desperately needs.

My thoughts and prayers are with the people of Puerto Rico, the people of Florida, and all of the survivors of these storms.

May their recovery be our priority.