Fear Itself



And so there you have it. Everything Donald J. Trump did was alright by the Southern District of New York. No harm. No foul.



Tax fraud is now legal in the Great State of New York.

And why wouldn’t it be? You heard him on the campaign trail… ‘They do it all the time’… ‘That’s just how it works in the World of Real Estate’… and in New York City, Real Estate RULES THE WORLD.



If they held Trump accountable, who would be NEXT… what other shady deals have gone down in Gotham?


How much property value do these two gentlemen alone hold in NYC? How many more individuals would potential prosecutions rattle if they were to be pursued? Well… now we’re talking some serious CASH.

Tighter rules. Enforcement of current laws… that might piss-off some very wealthy people. Some of whom might decide to take their POLITICAL CONTRIBUTIONS somewhere else. They might have to find another PARTY. One that more closely aligns with their BOTTOM LINE.

That sounds pretty catastrophic for the incumbent party… definitely something they should keep in mind.

In this light, it’s not about the VOTERS. Hell… it’s not even about the LAW. It’s about MONEY and the pursuit thereof. For the Real Estate developers, for the Political Campaigns, and for the Political Party Machines.

Trickledown Economics… all boats are LIFTED with the rising tide.

Wait a second… you wouldn’t wanna go and rock the boat now, would ya’? It certainly would be a SHAME if they had to take their MONEY somewhere else.


Because they are BEHOLDEN. 

Not to disparage or attack their character, it’s just a STONE COLD FACT. Laid bare when it’s boiled down to its essence. They can’t WIN if the donors don’t DONATE… and they won’t DONATE if they’re not happy with the ROI.


It pains me to say it… but Donald Trump was right. The system is rigged.

In favor of people like him… and against everyone else.

The influence of money in our election system, turns our legislative processes into an unnecessary balancing act… balancing between doing what’s right and doing what’s necessary to get re-elected.

Making microscopic legislative gains for The People… session after session, decade after decade. All while those who FUND their election campaigns increase their market share… session after session, decade after decade.





Who do our elected officials work FOR… who SHOULD they be working for?

It underlies every decision they make. It colors their perception of what’s RIGHT and what’s WRONG. It limits the number of TOOLS in their legislative toolbox… preemptively. BEFORE they’ve even considered a single piece of legislation.

Legislators legislate based on MONEY and the pursuit thereof. Therefore, legislation favors those with money over those without.



And I can hear it now. Yes, this is a ‘free-market economy’, but I question the validity of the assumption that someone who has accumulated vast amounts of WEALTH, would naturally act in the best interest of everyone ELSE.

There’s simply no financial benefit for them to do so.





It clears the mind when we view our government in this light. Why do they NOT act when it’s CLEAR that they should… even when that action is supported by a bipartisan MAJORITY of this Nation?

The answer to the problem would cost their donors MORE MONEY, risking their own political future.

Again, this is not a character assassination… it’s just simply the WAY IT IS.

… and I believe it must change.

Because it’s at the HEART of the problem… which problem? ALL OF THEM. Immigration reform. Voting Rights. The Right to CHOOSE. The education of our children. Our National Debt. Our National Security…

It’s at the heart of the problems that we can SEE… and the problems we cannot.





Rot. Greed. Corruption. Self-interest.

Would the MAJORITY of this nation have supported such a plan? Would this plan embody our opinions on the subject of PEACEFUL nuclear proliferation? Would this endeavor help to secure our Nation’s Strategic Nuclear Defense posture?

What about the nuclear waste these facilities would create? What about the long-term maintenance and inspection of those facilities? What about geopolitical instability… civil unrest… and what about regime change?



We set BILLIONS of dollars on fire studying the potential cost vs. benefit of nuclear energy at HOME and ABROAD. If the United States Government hasn’t already done an in-depth study on the potential long-term consequences of widespread adoption of Nuclear Energy in the Middle East… then they’d better set another BILLION on fire and hop to it.

Because apparently, that idea has been pursued in the recent PAST, and I have no doubt… someone will attempt to pursue it again in the FUTURE. Who do we allow to write our policies on Nuclear Energy… who shouldn’t be allowed to do so.







Fire is a TOOL. Gunpowder is a TOOL. Nuclear weapons are a TOOL…

So too, is KNOWLEDGE.

When we seek knowledge, we reach for the LIGHT.

When our fear consumes us, we seek out the DARK.

We will not find the answers we seek cowering alone with our FEARS.

We must face them. We must shine a LIGHT on them and work to fully understand them.

No one should fear a Nuclear War… but everyone should fear the ROT and CORRUPTION that would inevitably lead us to one.

“The only thing we have to fear is… fear itself.”

-Franklin Delano Roosevelt

… you damn straight.


I Choose to Engage

There’s only ONE THING that remains consistent in this life… change. People change. Our understanding of the world changes, and our perception of our place within it changes as well.

Our priorities change. As we age, as we take on more responsibility, we gain more knowledge. Leading us to see things as they truly are, instead of just believing whatever we want… or believing whatever we’re told. REALITY can be a difficult concept to grasp… whereas fantasy is so much easier to believe.

As a child, I thought I knew what was RIGHT… until it was not. Until I was proved WRONG… and then I was faced with a choice. To change myself, or change my perception of what is RIGHT and what is WRONG. To ignore facts or accept them, even when those facts stand opposed to everything I had learned so far.

FACTS don’t lie… but the interpreter does though. 

IF my goal is to learn all I can, then I must also learn when I am WRONG and accept new information. FLEXIBILITY in the face of stubborn ignorance… my ignorance. To adapt and evolve is to survive. Rigid adherence to failed ideologies and lies, will only lead us to our demise.

It’s the ONE THING that is guaranteed… nothing will stay the SAME. Everything will change. It seems the trick is… do you want to be part of that change, or do you want to get run over by it.

To engage, or NOT to engage. To BE, or NOT to be… that is why I choose to engage.

What do we know of struggle, on a personal level and on a National scale? What do we know of LOSS… of hardship… and what comes after those events? What is born of them…

I have no grand experience to offer. Mine is a story of the mundane. Of the ordinary. The everyday. I am OF The People. Of the streets. Yes, those suburban cul-de-sacs were always well-paved… but there are some lessons you learn, regardless of the hood you grew up in.

Because the BANK will come for your house regardless of your zip-code, and they make sure you understand that from a very early age… so plan accordingly.

I know who I am, as well as who I am NOT. I know this… because I have seen what happens to those who I am not. And that is why I choose to engage.

If not… who will? Who will represent the MAJORITY in this moment… the Bankers? The Hedge Fund Managers? The Kings of Commerce? How’s that been working out for us SO FAR? Let there be NO DOUBT… if we don’t make a change now, then this is how it will continue to be in the FUTURE.

Is that how we want to be seen upon the World Stage… as a giant PIGGY BANK? As a massive ARMS CACHE? Again… how has that worked out for us SO FAR?




How will that work out for us in the FUTURE?



Who’s interests do our elected officials represent…
On who’s behalf do they ACT.


… and our response?



Our actions NOW will not prevent World War III from starting… those shots have already been fired. Our actions now will determine whether or not World War III has already begun.

The opening salvo has been offered. Decisions are being made. Sides are being drawn… RIGHT NOW. In this moment.

Based upon every piece of evidence that we have at our disposal… the Pandemic… the Housing Crisis… January 6th… securing our Right to VOTE…

How will GOOD INTENTIONS turn out in the end.

Who will BENEFIT… who will NOT.



We mustn’t let the mistakes of our PAST, cloud our judgement on events of the FUTURE… just as we shouldn’t forget the lessons that we’ve learned from our own stupidity. How long does it take for us to secure an occupied territory… how long does it take for us to get that territory back.

We act when it is JUST. We show restraint when it is NOT.
To act in this moment is JUST. Our INACTION is not.



We do not act to engage in WAR, we act to prevent it. To secure… not to occupy. To defend… not to advance. To secure PEACE as we now know it, and prevent the necessity that comes, when one nation declares WAR on all the rest.

At that point… that is war. We must avoid the campaign that played out through the Spring of ‘45. That is what we should be working to achieve. NOW. Because tomorrow… it will be TOO LATE.




Had my family and I been living in one of those Ukrainian cities, where they’ve been without electricity since the earliest days of this invasion… my TIME would be just about up.

Juvenile Diabetes… diagnosed at age 36. My body doesn’t produce its own insulin. If I don’t find a pharmacy with a working refrigerator within 28 days… I don’t live to see day 40.

Without intervention, my LIFE would be lost.

But, considering the sorry state of our Healthcare System and the inability of our Congress to change it… I face that possibility EVERY MONTH.

The fight is JUST. So I choose to engage.

While I support the decisions made by President Biden so far, I believe there are more actions we should be taking that are not currently being employed.

Though we do not have access to the same information that he has… we do have our own EYES. We do have the WORDS of President Zelenskyy… and we do have the WORDS of President Putin.

History shows us what becomes of leaders who place POLITICS over the well-being of our Nation. Like an aged soldier… they simply FADE AWAY. Their policies eroded and their legacies chipped away, until all that’s left is the TRUTH. Stripped BARE by the passage of time.

No SPIN left to disguise it. No window dressing to hide their mistakes. Just the results of their own ACTIONS… and the ever-present, nagging regret… that there might have been something more, they could have done.

Our independence shines brightly in this hour, a burning passion that illuminates the night. And now, beneath the rubble… those SEEDS have started to grow. Those roots are breaking solid ground.

And we know… those roots are STRONG. That plant is stubborn. Through the rock, through the refuse… in fields long forgotten by the PLOW…

Toward the LIGHT. Ever toward the light.

And as the days grow longer… may there only be MORE LIGHT.


Do Unto Others

Wipe the haze off your political lens… clear away the condensation on that cold mirror… can you now see yourself in their eyes? Try walking a kilometer in their shoes.

What would we do, if millions of Americans became refugees overnight. Too far fetched to see that HERE? Well… it seems REAL WARS can now be started based on LIES, so why not consider an alternative scenario. One that takes place right now, along side this overheated geopolitical situation…

What’s the PLAN if Yellowstone goes off.

What happens when MILLIONS of Americans are forced to leave their LIVES behind because their land is now TOXIC. Unable to drive because machines break down due to ASH. Unable to be rescued because of the SAME. Carrying with them only what fits in a BACKPACK… forced to leave in order to avoid the oncoming volcanic winter.

Overnight, Mexico has a refugee crisis at their Northern Border. Millions of Americans… millions of Canadians… all pushing SOUTH, to find safety and a chance to secure a new HOME.

Let us pray they show us COMPASSION in our hour of greatest need… and forgive us for the level of compassion we’ve shown them in recent years.

And let us say that they DO open their arms and welcome their neighbors from the north… RIGHT NOW, Mexico is not part of NATO. They could face potential pressure to BLOCK the flow of refugees, up to and including a military response. It could be seen as giving aid and comfort to a geopolitical adversary, or it could be seen by some as a ‘False Flag’. A covert-op…

Those aren’t refugees, they’re Special Forces. Undercover military officers, hiding amongst the women and children.

How much economic PAIN could Russia inflict on Mexico? If that’s not enough, how much economic pain could Russia’s FRIENDS inflict on Mexico? How long could they withstand an economic battle with our geopolitical foes before they’re forced to SHUT DOWN their border to us… leaving us trapped in a hellish landscape of fallout and despair. ALONE.

They’re not a member of NATO, just an ally. Mexico can CHOOSE to do as it wants; especially in a situation like that… when the economic outlook of the United States of America would look pretty stark.

Contractually speaking, what obligations do they have… besides taking care of their own citizens? What obligations would the European Union have to give Mexico support? What of NATO… ‘Mexico is not a member of the organization. There’s nothing we can do.

Well… I guess we’re just shit outta luck.

Eagle Scout
A Scout is trustworthy, loyal, helpful, friendly, courteous, kind, obedient, cheerful, thrifty, brave, clean, and reverent. -The Scout Law

Being an Eagle Scout, preparedness is in my blood. I can’t help but run scenarios in my head, considering what actions I would take… in situations like those, faced by families fleeing violence in Ukraine.

If there is something that I can do NOW… to prepare… and possibly make the difference. Help save someone else’s LIFE… then why wouldn’t I ACT?



What country is that? What country does that SOUND like. Where is that again… because that sounds awesome.



That sounds like someone I want on MY TEAM. Who wouldn’t want to do everything they could…



And so now… here we are. CHAINED. The living, side-by-side with the dead. Walking around in a world that no longer EXISTS. Strictly adhering to RULES written by dead men.

Their rules have produced the situation we find ourselves IN. And now we dust off the SAME old playbooks, in order to prevent more of the SAME… expecting different results. But is that really the case? What outcome do they HOPE for… because right now that’s all we’re sending them.

That and a boatload of CASH

Once upon a time there was this guy named Osama. He didn’t like what the Russians were doing in Afghanistan about as much as us. So, we thought it was a good idea to FUND a bunch of his buddies, seeing as how they were already there on the ground. So we set up a way for them to access BILLIONS of dollars.



But not directly, of course. What happens if things go SOUTH like it did with the Bay of Pigs? What if it’s seen as an escalatory step?


Plausible Deniability. We didn’t FUND those groups and organizations, we found a responsible, third-party to take care of distributing those funds for us


You know… Pakistan.



There is no rhyme or reason to any of this. We’ve seen this SHOW before… it’s been in syndication since the 1960’s. It’s the same tired plotlines and the same exaggerated outcomes, but now it’s all IN REAL LIFE. The SHOW never ends…

It’s just too damn PROFITABLE.

New season. New cast. Same shit. Different DAY. Thankfully… we don’t have to keep buying it. We can make a CHOICE. We can make a CHANGE. And we should act NOW… before it’s too late.



How many times must we make the same mistakes before we get it RIGHT? We can’t solve all our problems by just throwing a bunch of MONEY at it… it will still be there. Watching. WAITING. Until the funding runs DRY. During the next Administration. When the next set of aged Senators retire. When the institutional memory of their actions fades, and the ignorance of YOUTH blossoms… like Cherry Trees in the spring.

No one wants a Nuclear War.

Not us.

Not them.

The only death and destruction those bombs now bring is that of INACTION. Born out of FEAR.

Our fear… of an act, that will never come.

It has been Mutually Assured.

That’s the gift we’ve been given. Secured through decades of diplomatic service on BOTH SIDES of the Iron Curtain. It’s the ONE THING we all agree upon…

LIFE should survive.

Let us start there… and HONOR the work that has already been done.


Us and Them

Forgive me if what I say is seen as offensive… but I say these things only because I take offense to their INACTION.

What good does the North Atlantic Treaty Organization do us if it’s unable to prevent the death and displacement of 40 million people?

What value does the United Nations provide us if they stand SILENT as it happens?

(@3:10 in the video) “None of the U.N. agencies seem to be able to call out the aggressor by name.” 

Who would want to be part of the European Union, if they are so weak as to allow ONE MAN to invade another sovereign nation?

What State wouldn’t call for an end to this Union, if 40 million Ukrainian Civilians were left to fight a Nuclear Superpower ALONE… as our B-52 Bombers sit rotting on the tarmac.


The threat of World War III isn’t upon us… that threat has already PASSED. It’s already here. ONE MAN has declared it so, as he disregarded 80 years of progress toward peace and security.

The shots have already been fired. We are IN that fight as of this moment. Whether we choose to engage, whether we choose to ignore… that fight has arrived, and it will be seen throughout history as our CHOICE.

The decisions we made. The actions we took. The lines we allowed to be crossed… the RESULTS of our decisions. Etched in stone. Memorialized annually, at cemeteries throughout the WORLD.

Where World Leaders will trot out, inconvenienced by the RAIN and SNOW, and give impassioned speeches… shedding tears as an aged soldier stands and salutes…

“If ONLY they had acted! If ONLY they had known!”

—Some Future President

… of some future organization or republic. Looking BACK through tear-stained eyes. Proudly speaking of their future. Proclaiming NEVER AGAIN… as it has been done, so many times before…

And those failed unions and organizations will be dissolved… PROUDLY, as they allowed the carnage to occur. Indicted and convicted, in the hearts and minds of every future historian, as the ultimate cause… of a WAR that was allowed to happen.



Hitler’s actions didn’t start WWII. Tanks and planes may have invaded those first few countries, but it was allowed to happen… with the stroke of a PEN.


It was all allowed to happen. Inside Hallowed Halls. Behind ancient WOODEN DESKS. They SAT… and millions died.

DF98C134-A2B1-4EED-BF4E-1CE392E47DAC—Robert Cecil, April 18, 1946

The League of Nations did great work… until they did not.

NATO saved countless lives… until they did not.

The United Nations helped keep the peace… until they did not.

The United States of America was the Home of the BRAVE…

… until it was not.

If ONLY they had known! If ONLY they had ACTED… but sadly, they could not.

They FEARED what might come from their actions, instead of doing what was RIGHT. Instead of doing what was necessary… to prevent what would come, if they did not ACT.


FEF5DC4B-5AE6-45C7-86D9-F29FE1BDD266Credit: Meet the Press, NBC News. March 6, 2022

“I only regret that I have but one life to lose for my country.”

And for what would it happen, when it could have been so easily avoided…

The words written, on the automobile license plates of the Great State of New Hampshire come to mind… ‘Live FREE or Die’.

Now, why don’t we back down off this LEDGE… before someone really gets hurt.



Дон’т Феед тхе ТРОЛЛС.

Ан оде то тхе Беан Цоунтерс, тхе Пенцил Пусхерс, тхе И.Т. анд Ресоурцес персоннел… тхе онес щхо аре реаллй ин цонтро.

Тхе Дееп Стате, иф йоу лике.

Тхе пеопле щхо ацтуаллй хаве то ФИЛЕ тхат реяуест анд маке суре ит’с ДЕЛИВЕРЕД щхере ит’с суппосед то.

ЛОГИСТИЦС. Схиппинг Цлеркс. Ессентиал Щоркерс, хаилед ас ХЕРОЕС ыуст сих монтхс аго. Тхе пеопле щхо невер гет тхе ЦРЕДИТ щхен ит хаппенс лике цлоцкщорк, БУТ… тхей до гет тхе ХАММЕР щхен сометхинг схадй гоес дощ.

Тхей маке суре тхингс го офф щитхоут а хитцх… 30 минуетс ор ЛЕСС. Еверй тиме. Гуарантее…

… унтил ит доесньт.

ХЕАДЛИНЕ: “СпацеХ то лосе ас манй ас 40 Старлинк сателлитес дуе то спаце сторм”



ХЕАДЛИНЕ: “Тхе Тиме НАСА Лост а Марс Орбитер Бецаусе оф а Метриц Сйстем Михуп”



ХЕАДЛИНЕ: “У.С. троопс гуардинг нуцлеар миссилес тоок ЛСД, Аир Форце рецордс схощ”



“Тхе инфамоус 2007 инцидент ин щхицх сих нуцлеар щеапонс щере ункнощинглй флощн он а Б-52 оут оф Минот Аир Форце Басе, Нортх Дакота, то Барксдале Аир Форце Басе, Лоуисиана, щас оне оф тхе Аир Форце’с биггест блацк ейес, анд лед то тхе унпрецедентед, симултанеоус фиринг оф тхе тхен-сецретарй анд цхиеф оф стаф.”

ХЕАДЛИНЕ: “Ёу цан цалл 2007 нуке мишандлинг ан ембаррассмент, бут дон’т цалл ит тхе ‘Минот инцидент’”


Еверы греат организатион ембрацес греат леадершип, анд еверы греат леадер кновс ВХЫ тхеы аре абле то суццеед…

‘Оур Генерал Манагер ис оур Доорман, анд оур Доорман ис оур Генерал Манагер’

Тхере ис но пиеце ор парт оф а велл-фунцтионинг ТЕАМ тхат цан бе игноред, анд еверёне ундерстандс тхе импортанце оф еверёне елсе’с ёб. Витхоут тхеир теам, но леадер воулд евер бе абле то суццеед. Лике а хигх-перформанце мачине, еач парт ис витал ин итс фунцтион… анд тхеы муст алл бе маинтаинед витх дедицатион.

“тхере маы Невер Евер бе анотхер ман ас поверфул ас Станислав Петров”



“Тхеы цоулд матч тхе мове анд пут Америцан форцес он Дефцон 3 — кновн то мовиегоерс ас тхат момент вхен тхе Аир Форце роллс оут бомберс, анд нуцлеар силос анд субмаринес аре пут он хигх алерт. Ор тхе пресидент цоулд ларгелы игноре ит, сендинг оут аидес то портраы Мр. Путин ас онце агаин мануфацтуринг а менаце, тхреатенинг Армагеддон фор а вар хе стартед витхоут провоцатион.”

ХЕАДЛИНЕ: “Путин Децларес а Нуцлеар Алерт, анд Биден Сеекс Де-есцалатион”


Вхен а мачине исн’т проперлы маинтаинед, ит вилл бе проне то фаилуре. Иф тхере’с нот еноугх греасе аддед то тхе пропер парт, ор евен тоо муч греасе ин тхе вронг спот… тхе ентире ассемблы цоулд судденлы флы апарт. Ор, ит цоулд юст симплы гринд то а ХАЛТ.

Басиц маинтенанце. Цуррент упдатес. Модернизед СОП. Еверы оне оф тхем, маркед офф он а чецклист… ригхт довн то тхе десигнатед лоцатион, ассигнед то тхат парт ас ит вас плацед он тхе варехоусе шелф, юст афтер ит вас унлоадед офф тхе ДЕЛИВЕРЫ ТРУЦК.

Вхен ёу пуш тхат БУТТОН… вхен ёу маке тхат ЦАЛЛ… хов до ёу кнов ит вилл ВОРК? Ит доесн’т юст хаппен… ит такес ВОРК.

Ит цан таке ЫЕАРС то буилд а суццессфул теам, анд ит цан алл фалл апарт ин а сецонд… иф ве лосе ТРУСТ. Бецаусе тхат’с вхат ве’ре талкинг абоут хере. А Сацред Хонор… а Фундаментал Труст. Борн алонгсиде Пандора’с Бох вас ан имплицит анд ехплицит облигатион, тхе фаилуре оф вхич цоулд леад то тхе довнфалл оф оур цивилизатион.


“И кнов нот витх вхат веапонс Ворлд Вар ИИИ вилл бе фоугхт, бут Ворлд Вар ИВ вилл бе фоугхт витх стицкс анд стонес.” — Алберт Еинстеин

Вхат до ве хаве онце тхат труст хас беен ЛОСТ? Вхере до ве станд иф ве но лонгер станд УНИТЕД ин фуртхеранце оф тхат ЦОРЕ ПЛЕДГЕ… то протецт Хуманиты фром тхе деструцтион, борн оф оур сциентифиц ачиевементс?

Фриендс. Фамилы. Фратерниты… тхесе валуес кнов НО БОРДЕР. Тхеы кнов НО ФЛАГ. Анд тхеы аре стилл аливе ин тхе хеарт оф еверёне вхо хас а ХЕАРТ тхат’с стилл беатинг.

ОНЕ фаулты цоннецтион, ОНЕ лоосе сцрев… ОНЕ брокен вингнут шоулдн’т бе алловед то бринг абоут оур ултимате демисе.

Нот нов. Нот евер.

Тхе валуес фор вхич ве станд аре онлы ас РЕАЛ ас ве маке тхем…

анд томорров ис а НЕВ ДАЫ.


Translation created via/Транслатион цреатед виа—